Monday, October 1, 2012

Chosen by Choice

"For many are invited, but few are chosen."  Matthew 22:14 (NIV)

I have often struggled with verses like this.  Why are some chosen?  What about those who are not?  Is it too bad for them?  Ooops sorry... you're not a "cool kid" in God's kingdom... stinks to be you... I've wrestled with this... not in a cavilier way, but in a deeply sorrowful way of feeling a loss for those not "chosen."

Tonight, as I was reading the parable of the Wedding Banquet in Matthew, I once again stumbled upon this concept of Biblical "choseness" for lack of a better description.  Tonight I did something different and asked God to explain this to me.  Here's what I got.

You are chosen.  What makes the difference you ask?  Why are some chosen?  Isn't this unfair?  NO!  Those that are chosen are those that are willing to listen to and for God's voice.  The chosen are ones who make the choice to follow God's desires rather than their own.  All can be chosen if they set aside their own pursuits and seek God's heart.  It's a heart condition.

Just as one decides their own physical condition, they can just as easily choose the spiritual condition of their lives through the pursuit of a relationship with God. 

We choose if we want God that close in our lives or to keep him as some distant being.  If we choose God there will be sacrifices and uncomfortable moments as well as great rewards.  There is a deep unexplainable joy in knowing God personally. 

So... what does this mean?  How does one know God?  It's quite simple really.

You pray and ask God to reveal himself in your life.  No fancy formula.  No "religious" act.  You tell him your fears and hangups.  You share your frustrations and insecurities and you ask for his help.  God is alive and active and big enough to deal with all your stuff.  And then... the great part is he takes some of the stuff and gives you the strength to work through the rest of it.  As you seek him, you find more of him, and it's beautiful...

In the end, you alone can choose if you are chosen.

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