Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Snacking

Snacks To Go!

This morning I found the arrival of Pi day on my computer and thought what a great day to make Pie!  However when I went to the kitchen I abruptly remembered, when I saw Jeff eating a slice for breakfast, that he had picked up and cooked my only favorite store bought pie:  Marie Callender's Razzleberry pie.  So in sharp contrast to the idea of pie, I'll focus on easy healthy snacks.  These thoughts may not be new, but they do serve as a nice reminder to refocus!

Like many we're trying to make healthier life choices (I know pie for breakfast doesn't shout healthy... but it's Pi Day!).  One prominent area that we can easily change is our snacking habits.  Keeping healthy snacks close at hand makes this a lot more probable.  This morning we sent Jeff off to work with a week's worth of healthy snacks to keep in his office.  I found four canning jars, any recycled jar will work, and filled them with some favorites.  Pistachios for a bit of salt, raw almonds for a bit of staying power, craisins for that tart sweet, and some dark chocolate chocolate chips to provide the little pick me up to avoid the vending machine's 3:00 pm shouts from down the hall!  Nate also added to Papa's healthy snacks with a quick trip to the fridge, returning with an apple.   

Nate's Healthy Addition

It's easy to check out the nutritional benefits/pitfalls of your favorite snacks through a quick web search.  Pistachio's and almonds may reduce cholesterol, have needed fats for our bodies and contain valuable antioxidants.  These are all benefits not found in the cookie from the coffee shop or the vending bar candy bar.  

At home we're also keeping things such as cheese sticks, yogurt, raisins, and of course apples.  Tortillas with peanut butter and banana or apple are also favorites.  I also find that pre-packaging snacks in single servings is helpful.  

What are your favorite snacks?

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