Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flying Flowers! That's Awesome! a.k.a. - Preserving Creative Moments

Yesterday was a sick day... for me.  Not your traditional sick day.  It was oddly and wonderfully creative.

The rocks came out.  Pictures were taken.  Workbooks were done. Lunch was had.  Rest time was treasured! Then as if by some miracle the kids disappeared, reappeared for paper and other supplies and then were mysteriously quiet.  Ominously quiet...  

Then the invitation came.  "Mama, come up here and create with us!"  I have to admit my stuffy head preferred to stay horizontal on the couch.  However they had been playing so well I had to see what they were up too.  In the upstairs hallway was a hastily created art space.  Busy beavers had been drawing, cutting, and taping their creations with copious amounts of tape to their bedroom walls.  Their work was beautiful and peaceful!  The next offer was to decorate our room.  I love my kids artwork, but too often it becomes clutter.  How could I preserve this moment of creative tranquility without miles of tape?  With a moment of clarity, I had it!

I dashed into the art room to nab a large empty picture frame and some fabric for a background.   We then sat down to create; the kids drew the pictures and I cut them out.  Then using the inside cardboard from the frame for a guide I trimmed the fabric to fit the frame.  Once the fabric was cut we laid out our pictures, including the underground digging machine, on the fabric until everyone was satisfied.  During this process Nate decided that the "Nate" and "Elli" in the picture should be holding hands.  Elli helped me paint Tacky Glue onto the back of our pictures and glue them to the fabric.  In our excitement we went ahead and framed it before Papa came home (If I were to do this again we will wait for the glue to dry before framing as the glue faded one of Elli's pictures).  The kids are so excited to see their creations framed!  
All of us riding the train by Nate.

Elli's caterpillar, butterfly, and flowers.
Nate's houses, digger, and mouse houses at bottom.
Elli's sun and fairies with flying flowers/birds above the house.

The completed masterpiece!

We now have a wonderful art piece that honors the kids' creativity as a 3 and 4 1/2 year old!  

How do you honor your kids' creations?

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