Friday, November 25, 2011

First sledding!

     There's something absolutely magical about heading out to go sledding for the first time each winter season.  There's also something magical about sledding after dark.  Put the two together and the potential is there for amazing amounts of fun and memories.  Tonight we had both!
     Each year we enjoy snow more!  This year we were in NH for Thanksgiving when we got our first real snow.  We brought snowpants, hats, mittens, boots, and a good amount of excitement about the incoming storm that "forced" our holiday travels to start early.  However, we did not have room for the sleds. This did not stop the kids from enjoying the wonderful sticky morning blanket.  A snowball fight with Great Grampa made everyone giggle.  Elli made a really big snowball that turned into the base of a really tall snowman/rabbit (depends on who you talk to and where you stood) with the help of GGB,Nate, cousin Connor.  The boy cousins and I made a pretty sweet igloo out of the plowman's piled chunks.  Afterwards we piled back inside the "Greats" house for homemade hot chocolate courtesy of Alton Brown.  Well his recipe at least...  Hot Cocoa Mix

Elli's snowman with apple eyes!
Nate & Connor's Igloo!
    On our drive home Nate and Elli turned their thoughts towards sledding.  Questions from the backseat started ringing out... "Can we go sledding when we get home?"  "Will we have snow at home?"  "Do we have to eat dinner first?"  My answers, "If we have snow at home." "We'll have to see." "Let me think about it."  We did indeed have snow ... and dinner first.  Our few inches packed quickly into a great path and we had a blast.  Nate's repeated cries of, "Kids, don't try this at home," were hysterical.  Elli was just taken with being out and being able to control her sled this year.  So much fun!  The stars watched us slide and it was glorious!  

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