Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moments of quiet

     Tonight I stand at our kitchen sink doing dishes while Jeff is nestling with Nate and Elli as they hopefully drift off to sleep.   Dishes are mundane and need to be done, but I often find this as my place.  A place with minimal interruptions, to be in my own head.  As a wife, mom, and student, solitude is minimal and often overlooked.  Throughout this Fall, I've been making a conscious effort to snatch bits here and there...the walk up the hill after dropping Nate off at school, dishes, a couple of uninterrupted moments in the shower.  We were created to need time to think and be.

     Tonight, I am once again struck with the awesome beauty bestowed on us by our Creator God. Its snowing out. As the snowflakes descend many are being blown about by the evening's breeze.  The outside lights are on and casting shadows of the falling flakes on the sparkling snow.  It's gorgeous!  It's quiet!  I feel at peace and loved.


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