Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A new quest...

      Recently I was putting together a short study on the life of David in the Old Testament.  The statement "short study on the life of David" is in itself a bit of an un-doable task.  David was one of the most influential people in the Old Testament.  Through his life we see into the life of a King - not just any king, but one in the line of Jesus.  David was imperfectly human, yet he connects us to the Divine.  We are left with not just the historical accounts of his life, but many of his very own writings passed on in the Psalms.  These writings portray what was in his heart as he experienced great joys, tragic lows, brutal betrayals, and incredible intimacy.

    I'm at a point of desiring to read the Psalms straight through.  It's been awhile since I've done this, high-school maybe, but I'm always encouraged with the snippets I hear in a popular song or happen across.  I am not an expert, but plan to read with an open heart and let God whisper personal messages to me as I read.  Join me?  And please share what stands out to you...


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