Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10 - Preparing for Play

April 10

Our first trip to the beach in May 2011
Crystal Lake State Park
              Today we began a new level of preparation for play.  Nate and Ellia both started swim lessons.  While this is, in so many ways, a “no brainer” it’s important for them to know how to swim.  We spend much of our summer fun time in or near water.  Today’s step introduces a skill that may save theirs or someone else’s life someday.  It’s that important.
                We want play to be spontaneous and fun, but in reality it’s often a lot of work.  To have a great camping trip, especially with children, you’ve got to put in the work of preparing well… and having a great bag of tricks.  To have a fun marriage, you’ve got to put in the work of putting your partner first and keeping communication lines open.  To be able to enjoy the views from the top of the mountain you’ve got to be in good enough physical condition to get there.  The list goes on.  While the “work” is often tough, it can certainly include moments of play.  Today our kiddos announced to Jeff when he came through the door how much fun lessons were!

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