Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11 - Something just for Mom

Last month I stepped out and did something for myself that I hadn’t done in a long time.  I enrolled in a swim clinic for my own enjoyment and improvement.  In January, I started swimming 2-3 times a week.  I found that I really enjoyed this time.  It was great to be in my own head and to feel the coolness of the water.  As much as I enjoyed this time I realized that I was painfully inefficient in my stroke. I took swim lessons as a child, but had become really rusty and had never really progressed beyond the basics.  This clinic came at a perfect time. Four one hour sessions made a great difference!

This morning I was back in the pool.  I had an idea that I would do better, but was surprised and delighted at just how much better.  On a good day before the clinic I was swimming 1,000 meters in just under an hour.  Today I swam 1,500 meters in just over a half hour!  Our instructor showed us a few skill drills and new strokes which really helped the time fly.  I was so excited when I realized just how quickly I’d made it to the 1,000 mark and even more excited to finish up strong. 

Swimming is one way I can have some personal play while helping to get physically fit.  The water feels good.  I love feeling the coolness of the pool on my face after I’ve been doing the backstroke for a bit.  Seeing the bubbles from my breath and my stroke playfully float up to the surface refreshes me. This time “away” to play provides me a fresh energy to do the everyday.  

I am excited each time I get to go swim.  This excitement is modeled for Nate and Elli, giving them an understanding that exercise is important and fun.  Now that they are learning to swim and are more comfortable in the water, I’m looking forward to more shared time in the pool or at the beach!

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