Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17 - Kissing Hand Day

              According to Nate April 17 is now officially Kissing Hand Day.  When I asked him what we do on Kissing Hand Day he said we could have candy and kiss each other’s hands as the raccoons do in the Audrey Penn's book to show our love.  The basic story line goes something like this: little raccoon is nervous about going off to school and his mama gives him a kiss in the center of palm and then closes his hand around it.  She explains that anytime he is missing her or is anxious he can hold the hand up to his cheek and know that she loves him.  So basically Nate wants a day set aside to know that he is loved and to receive candy.  Isn’t this what every kid wants? 

                This idea came after a lot of car and errand time as well as a trip to the dentist and a candy shop.  Yes, I know those last two things probably shouldn’t go together.  Bravery and no cavities should warrant some sort of reward!  Nate had been sitting in the back seat quietly and then shared this idea.  Although I’m not sure exactly what brought him to the point of creating a new holiday, I know that he must have been playing with different ideas to pass the time.  This one sounds pretty good!

                Tomorrow they’ll see a lot more car time and have another day of adventures at the Montshire.  I’ll be away from a computer, so tomorrow’s update will come Thursday evening. 

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